What we do

We're changing the way people think about energy

Advisory services and business development solutions; Principal sectors

We provide advisory services, business development and project execution solutions in connection with a number of technology classifications such as electric mobility, buses, taxis, trucks, marine, mining , agricultural applications and port machinery. In addition, we provide other services including policy advisory and strategy to government initiatives in carbon emission reduction, renewable energy, waste management, and waste-to-energy conversion.

Being engaged by world leading technology providers specialized in the electrification sector. We ensure the brand of choice is delivered, installed, commissioned and tested to worldwide standards. End customers, investors, OEM’s, Operators all will take comfort in a world class service of delivering what is needed for the application use. With the ability to integrate technologies into many platforms.

Electric technology

Technology & innovation

Providing solution execution and delivery of electrification for:

  • Mobility Vehicles
  • E Bus
  • Electric and Electric Hybrid Marine
  • Charging and fast charging
  • Turn key charging solutions
  • Battery integration ; LFP, NMC, LTO
  • Battery Energy Storage Solutions
  • System Integration
  • Off High Way Applications; Forestry and Mining
  • On High Way Heavy Duty; Haulage, Refuse Trucks, logistic fleets
  • Port Machinery

Infrastructure initiatives

Renewpower provides policy advisory and strategy to government and infrastructure initiatives in Smart City programs as well as towards carbon emission reduction.

Smart city

Solar Turn Key Investment and EPC

Providing a turn key solar offer to off takers such as; factories, retail, hotels, hospitals, schools and residential properties.

Our approach is simple. We invest, install, operate top tier solar panels tailored to the property and energy needs. The customer gets a reduced electricity bill and a green, environmentally friendly image. We then transfer the solar panels after an agreed period at zero cost.

We can provide solar and ev charging solutions using either AC or DC charging infrastructure. We offer gas / petrol station upgrades to encompass EV charging solutions. E Bus depot charging. Fleet charging.

Electric car fleet charging

HOME Solar and EV Charging solutions

With everyone looking at changing their car to a BEV. We can combine a home solar installation to provide the energy for both your house to reduce your current electric bills and a BESS solution to enable you to charge your car overnight . with our tailored finance packing. We can get you close to half your current electric bill and no extra costs to charge your can even over night.

Electric solar porch for home charging

Waste to green Hydrogen / Waste to Energy

Working with Altec energy we utilize waste to create both electricity and clean hydrogen. Clean hydrogen can be utilized in many transport applications and can remove the challenges of battery charging infrastructure. This can be an ideal source of fuel to replace diesel gensets and power from fossil fuels. We are currently focusing on waste to energy and clean hydrogen to power transport projects such as passenger vessels , E Bus and E truck fleets.

Altec energy solutions


Working with various vendors to create your perfect solution, with our in-depth knowledge of leading supplier’s technology into the battery, propulsion and charging technology. Once we know your operational needs, we will harmonise the most suitable, safe and cost-effective solution tailored to your needs. We provide consultancy documentation and reports to enable you to fast track your decision as well. All works and technologies can be delivered to any international classification cert requirement.

Project Financing and Investment

Working with a mix of Banks, Institutional investors, Private Equity, and regional government initiatives and grants. We are regionally placed and connected to assist projects to become a reality. Whether it is through project financing or carbon reduction focused funding our regional network can assist projects become reality, de risked and feasible.

Our approach

Turn key electrification solutions throughout APAC

  • We focus on inter-mediating between global leading technologies and the niche markets of the APAC region. Ability to act with the highest levels of decision makers in both Private and Public Sectors.
  • Our principal strategy integrate our philosophy, approach and expertise with our know how and deal flow (Whilst this takes on many shapes and forms, it first and foremost means working to create successful and sustainable projects implementing the clients technology into long term projects)
  • We draw on access, know how, capital and execution capability as our core assets in matching our client’s interests with superior project opportunities

A vision for change

Delivering world class electrification solutions throughout APAC.

We're working closely with financial institutions and governments to deliver innovative solutions that meet their emission reduction requirements.